Ross School Tennis Academy (RSTA) is the premier tennis academy in the Hamptons! Our beautiful tennis facility is open to the public and located on the Ross School campus in East Hampton, NY. It features six Har-Tru courts that are enclosed by a bubble from mid-fall through mid-spring, allowing for year-round play. Adjacent to the courts is a state-of-the-art Fieldhouse, featuring amenities such as locker rooms, lounge, snack bar, and ping-pong tables. The coaching staff create a fun and supportive atmosphere that inspires each player to reach his or her full athletic potential. Offering elite competitive tennis training in our integrated training + academic program, RSTA also accommodates players at all levels, including after school programs, summer programs, adult programs, private and group lessons, and court rentals, making RSTA the place to play tennis in the Hamptons. 


Integrated Training + Academic Program


Designed for USTA/ITF players in grades 5–12 and postgraduates, RSTA is the first in the New York City area to have a full academic program with a complete physical and mental conditioning program. In addition, unlike other tennis academies, RSTA is a small, intimate program that allows student-athletes to develop lasting relationships with coaches while receiving personalized instruction. Students who attend the Academy experience high-performance tennis training while studying alongside their peers in a stimulating college preparatory learning community following a regular academic year.


After-School Programs


Specialized U10 training program designed for players of all levels entering pre-kindergarten–grade 4. Players will build a strong foundation through a variety of game-based and cooperative activities using age appropriate (red, orange or green) balls and nets that will prepare them for eventual full court play. Players in kindergarten and higher are required to play twice per week.

Players build off their foundation to further develop fundamental skills and techniques as they transition into yellow balls and prepare for tournament competition. Ball control, strategy, and work ethic are all emphasized in this 90-minute session of drills and point play. Players are required to play twice per week.

If your child is new to our program or you have any questions as to which group/level your child should register, please email us at or call 631-907-5162.

For all high school players (grades 9-12), please contact us for more information on available programs and lessons.


Summer Program

From specialized U10 programs designed for developing competitive tennis players, to our high-performance training with live ball drills and match play series for the older set, this 10-week all-encompassing program is our most intense and complete junior tennis education offered during the summer. Players considering this program should be serious about their commitment to tennis, consistently practicing at least three days per week year-round. All training in each age and development level includes daily fitness and match play components for which players can sign up weekly (space is limited). Tryout required (videos accepted). Boarding for grades 7–12 available certain weeks, including an option to add academics in the morning (choose from Math, ESOL, and Test Prep) for those who want to be a student in the morning and an athlete in the afternoon.

Please email or call 631-907-5162 for more information.


Adult Programs


Adult clinics are the best way to strengthen your game while getting a workout. A combination of level-based drills for strategy and footwork, along with point-play scenarios, makes up these 90-minute classes offered at convenient times throughout the week. All levels are welcome.


Cardio Tennis is a high-energy group fitness class featuring the heart pumping tennis drills and footwork/agility movement that will deliver a perfect cardiovascular, calorie burning workout. What better way to start your morning! Level of play must be Advanced Beginner or above. See chart for schedule. Drop-ins welcome when space allows.


Advanced mixed doubles (for levels 3.5 or above) in an energetic format are offered every Monday evening followed by refreshments. Join Marcelo as he assembles (and plays in) the matches! This is a great and fun way to improve your doubles game. Sign-up is required by 12pm on day of play.


Take advantage of being a Ross employee with this extremely reduced priced clinic summer series, and come and improve your tennis skills. Whatever your level, you can be sure this lineup of pros, instruction, and drills will take your game to the next one. Offered every Monday evening. All levels welcome. Sign up required in advance.

Please email or call 631-907-5162 for more information.


Private & Group Lessons

Private and group tennis instruction is available for all levels of play. Our staff provides a fun and supportive atmosphere that allows for the greatest amount of success.

Weekdays $115/hr
Weekends/Holidays $135/hr

Please email or call 631-907-5162 for more information.


Court Rentals

Weekdays Indoor/Outdoor $45/hr
Weekends/Holidays Outdoor $45/hr
Weekends/Holidays Indoor $75/hr

Please email or call 631-907-5162 for more information.