Grandparents and Special Friends Welcomed at Ross Lower School


This week, Ross Lower School hosted its annual Grandparents and Special Friends Day, which acknowledges the invaluable role that grandparents and role models play in the lives of students. Ross School Founder Courtney Sale Ross was in attendance, and guests came from locations as far away as Germany to show their love and support. The morning’s events included student-led classroom tours, a book signing by local author Emma Walton Hamilton, and participation in the Parents Association–sponsored book fair, hosted in conjunction with BookHampton.

GSF_Day_LL DSC_0542.jpg

A highlight of the day was the students’ Beginnings performance, a theatrical production put on by students in grades EC through 6 that depicts the lower grades’ Cultural History curriculum. Led by Theater teacher Margaret Kestler and Lower School Music teacher Deanna Locascio, this year’s performance featured a space-focused framing lens, with sixth graders portraying intrepid astronauts preparing to establish a human colony on Mars. The young pioneers reflected upon the distant past and the resourcefulness of their ancestors in an effort to understand what it means to be human.


Prior to the performance, Director of Professional Development and Teacher Certification Debra McCall gave context to the presentation, citing an early text, written more than 2,000 years ago, which stated that the purpose of dance, music, and theater has always been to elevate the consciousness of both performers and spectators.


Among those in the audience was Kristin Eberstadt, director of institutional advancement, who was a second grade teacher during the first-ever Beginnings performance more than a decade ago. “For me, this performance is indicative of the Ross School: it began with an idea, and the commitment of others continues to make it better every year,” she said. “When this performance was initially held, we could not have imagined it being this beautiful, but the incredible work of Ross students and teachers has helped it to grow beyond anything we dreamed.”