Students Explore Sustainability at Long Beach


This week, grade 1 students visited Sag Harbor’s Long Beach as part of two lessons: a Sustainability unit during which students explore the consequences of pollution and learn ways to avoid excess waste, and a Water and Rock Cycle unit during which they learn about water as a natural resource. The objective of the field trip was for students to uncover ways to be caretakers of our Earth and learn how each of us can help Mother Nature thrive.

IMG_20180523_134140 (1).jpg

Joined by science teacher Joey Lener, as well as pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students, the class worked together to collect roughly two pounds of refuse from the beach. The students will continue their disciplinary study by recycling the garbage collected into a collaborative work of art. Over the course of the visit, the class also talked about birds, fish, and other animals that rely on clean water for survival. They were fortunate to observe exotic animals like a sea robin and a diamondback terrapin.

“This trip provided all the children with hands-on learning experiences,” said first grade teacher Everlette Taylor. “This is what makes Ross unique in its learning approach.”