Sixth Graders Prepare for Rise to Seventh Grade

G6-US-lc On January 26, Ross School sixth graders got a glimpse into the routine of Upper School students, experiencing “a day in the life" of a seventh grader. This tradition is a favorite with both grades as it sparks excitement for the transition to a new campus and offers the older students a chance to share what they have learned. With sixth graders expressing a mix of enthusiasm and apprehension, seventh grader Parker Firestone assured them, “Don’t be afraid to ask someone for help, because they’ll always be happy to help you.”

The sixth graders’ visit began with a campus tour led by Chris Engel, director of Community Programs, who is a familiar face to Ross Lower School students. “It’s all about learning,” explained Chris as they wove their way along the path on the Upper School campus and visited classroom spaces. Highlights included a stop in the Duomo classroom and a look at founder Steven J. Ross’s impressive lunch box collection in the High School Library. The visitors even stopped in the Ross Gallery to see the Senior Projects on display there. This sparked the wheels of imagination for many as they begin to envision their own Senior Projects.

The next stop was a visit to the classroom of Carol Crane, seventh grade team leader, where they were met with lots of hugs from friends that moved up from the Lower School last year. This was also a chance for seventh graders to host a Q&A about life at the Upper School campus, addressing such topics as workload expectations and extracurricular activities. Seventh graders also shared some of their favorite experiences from the year so far, like the Maya Day presentations and activities, and discussed some of the things they wished someone had informed them about before the transition to the Upper School, including what to expect in terms of the greater responsibilities that come with growing freedoms. Carol finished by emphasizing the importance of understanding expectations in order to be confident and successful.

Seventh grade math teacher Jennifer Biscardi then joined in on the fun by leading a game of “Biscardi Bingo.” Students partnered up to solve mathematical operations using order of operations techniques, and ultimately it was sixth grader Austin who took first prize! This excitement certainly got everybody fired up for their next event: shadowing the seventh graders in their Wellness class. The boys joined Coach Howard Brown for some basketball drills while the girls lined up for volleyball practice. The sixth grade girls really showed off their potential for earning even more wins next year when they join the 7/8 girls volleyball team.


The campus visit was capped off by a scrumptious lunch in the Ross Café. Students sat side by side with faculty and friends for the last part of their taste of what their life will be like next year. Sixth graders all relished in the fact that they get a full period for lunch—enough time to eat, play sports, and even work on homework. Before the group departed to return to the Lower School, Chris assured the group, “You’re independent up here—that’s the big difference. But you have lots of people you can go to for help.”

We eagerly await the arrival of the Ross School Class of 2022 to the Ross Upper School!