Rice Babies Teach Students Life Lessons, Core Values

IMG_0494 Ross School kindergarteners recently celebrated the “birth” of their Rice Babies and learned valuable lessons about life through caring for their new bundles. The Rice Baby project relates to the class’s studies of the origin and evolution of life and the world around them and incorporates integrated learning experiences.


The students first created their babies by filling sacks with rice. When the babies were properly clothed and “decorated,” the children named their charges and then learned about caring for them. Their tasks reached across all of their classes: they weighed and measured their babies in Mathematics, developed their birth stories and practiced storytelling in Cultural History, and learned lullabies in Spanish and Mandarin.


The interaction between the classmates and their babies also connected them to their community because they were able to see that each person is unique in some way but shares common traits and needs as well.


“This was a wonderful culmination of our studies and helped to reinforce their lessons about the origin and evolution of life, caring for their community, and the Ross Core Values,” said kindergarten teacher Emily Olson.

As a final activity, the class threw a Rice Baby Shower before the holiday break to meet the babies and hear their birth stories.