Students and Teachers a Delight at Community Recital

Oralando1 Students, faculty, family and friends gathered in the Senior Building Lecture Hall on Tuesday for a delightful Community Recital with performances by Johnny Xu ’16, Orlando Narizzano ’20, Dean of Performing Arts Adam Judd, and Performing Arts teacher Robert Davies. The recitals, held several times throughout the school year, are an opportunity to come together to enjoy the many talents of members of the extended Ross community.

Adam sang two meaningful songs. The first, titled “Beautiful City,” from the Broadway play Godspell, aligns with Ross School’s commitment to sustainability. The second, “Closer than Ever,” was a tribute to Adam’s grandfather and mother, who were his first piano and choir instructors respectively. Janet Fensterer accompanied on the piano.


Next up was Johnny Xu on the clarinet. He performed a beautiful rendition of “Song of Herd,” a traditional Chinese melody composed by Yan Wang. “The tone depicted the scene of the sun rising on the Mongolian steppe. There are no meters for the rhythm; the whole idea is to express a sense of liberty and relief,” Johnny explained. He’s been playing the clarinet since he was nine years old, and he plans to minor in music in college.


Johnny was followed by Robert, who offered a lively version of slap bass ace Wojtek Pilichowski’s "Cowboy from Prague." He first introduced the song, explaining that the piece calls for it to be played using the side of the thumb.

Orlando, on piano, wrapped up the recital with a rousing “improvised version of ‘Seven Bar Blues.’” He says he’s been playing the piano since he was little and fell in love with jazz and the blues after his father taught him the “cool little blues song.”


“The recitals are always fun because we often have the pleasure of hearing amazing performances by members of our community for the first time,” Adam said.

The next Community Recital will be held in April, and students who will be playing solos at the NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association) festival are encouraged to participate.