Summer Term @Ross Mandarin Immersion with Rubo Fu

DSC_9240 Rubo Fu recently joined Summer Term @Ross as the Mandarin Immersion teacher. In this post, she talks with School News about the course and her first impressions of Ross School.

Tell us about the summer term Mandarin course. Mandarin Immersion is ideal for students who have little knowledge about the Chinese language. Chinese can be overwhelming at first, because it uses a completely different alphabet. The summer course material is designed to help our students become effective communicators in Mandarin.

Class started with an introduction to “pinyin,” which is the alphabetic system of the Chinese language. Then, we moved on to how to make self-introductions in Chinese; students learned how to tell other people their names and how to ask people for their names. We’ll wrap up the week discussing words related to nationalities and simple professions.

What brought you to Ross School? My husband, Chris Angell, is the new Head of Ross Upper School, and we were thrilled to join the community in June. I am so impressed with the School’s efforts to promote students’ creative thinking through hands-on learning, and I feel so fortunate that teaching at Summer Term is the start of my time at Ross.

Summer Term @Ross has a special energy. What’s your first impression? I’ve noticed a couple of interesting things about Ross in my first weeks. First, I appreciate the beautiful artworks throughout the campus. For example, inside my classroom in the High School building, there are sculptures of historic figures including Julius Caesar and Napoleon. My Mandarin students proudly shared how much they knew about these figures during our breaks, and it turned into a great learning opportunity for our class.

I also appreciate the life on campus. The other day, music was playing in the Ross Café during lunch, and the students would get up on their feet and do a group dance. It was great for the students to recollect energy and get ready for afternoon activities, and it was a lot of fun to watch.

Overall, it’s been a wonderful beginning for me at Ross, and I look forward to getting to know the students and extended community better this summer.