Q&A with Summer Term @Ross Director

FullSizeRender Summer at Ross School is an exciting time. Students from the United States, Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East are here studying mathematics, improving their English, developing university admissions test-taking skills, and attending Innovation Lab @Ross. In this post, Summer Term @Ross Director Sasha Skulsky talks about what’s happening on campus in East Hampton, as well as activities outside the classroom.

The summer term students recently arrived on campus. Bring us up to date on what’s happening behind the scenes.

It’s been busy, and tons of fun! The students arrived on June 28, and quickly settled into their new homes. They met their housemates and house parents, toured the campus, and generally had a great time getting to know each other. It’s a bit of what you may expect—games, jet lag, laughter, unpacking—with the added excitement of learning about the opportunities ahead.

The upcoming holiday weekend will be a great chance for the students to mingle outside of the classroom. We’ll start with a barbeque, and then head to Sag Harbor to watch the firework show from the historic Long Wharf Village Pier.

Tell us about your role at Ross School

In addition to my role during Summer Term, I’m also associate director of Residential Life. First and foremost, I do my part to ensure the safety and well-being of our students. I work with Summer Term @Ross Coordinator D'Ashley Wilson and other experienced teachers, house parents and advisors who share this focus. Together we help make the Ross experience a pivotal part of the student’s academic journey.

On a day-to-day basis, I make sure the students are adjusting at home as well as on campus. Sometimes that simply means lending a supportive ear, and I typically eat breakfast and dinner with them in the Ross Café. It’s their time to tell me about what’s happening—good or challenging.

I also do my part to keep important pieces of the puzzle in place, from the buses running on time to equipping the classrooms with the necessary technology.

Sometimes unexpected things pop up, such as the recent “glitch” that caused problems with issuing summer travel visas to many across the globe. We’re Skyping with a few Summer Term students who are delayed as a result to make sure they do not fall behind in their studies.

What type of weekend activities is planned?

We offer a unique, inspiring environment, and our students not only thrive in the classroom but also take advantage of the many opportunities to enjoy the arts, beaches, music, sports, and boarding life.

Specifically, our location in the Hamptons provides easy access to beautiful beaches for swimming and surfing, picnics or exploration of coastal wetlands. We’ll also visit New York City to take in a show in Manhattan’s theater district, and a soccer match at Yankee Stadium.

Our own town of East Hampton is also great to visit after school for a stroll or ice cream.