LongHouse Awards

Emma2 On June 17, a beautiful summer evening, Ross School students from both the Upper and Lower Schools proudly accepted awards for their artwork in a broad range of categories at the LongHouse Reserve 2015 Student Annual VIII. The works were chosen from hundreds submitted by students from schools on the East End of Long Island, each based on entrants’ experiences at the Reserve.


LongHouse encourages “living with art in all forms,” and the students are inspired to express themselves in their medium of choice. The outdoor ceremony began with a warm welcome from LongHouse Reserve Founder Jack Lenor Larsen, who said he was once again delighted to see the huge participation from young people and their interest in expressing the beauty of life through art. Then, with the soft sunlight as backdrop, the students were called to the stage accept their awards.


At a break in the ceremony, Emma Engel ’16 entertained the audience with a live performance of her award-winning dance, “Function of the Senses.”

“I am very impressed with the creativity and originality of this year's group of Ross students in responding artistically to their experiences at LongHouse," said Jennifer Cross, dean of Visual Arts at Ross School.


Below are Ross School winners per category:

Watercolor (K and 1st grade) Winners Sonia Manoussoff Damian Sosa Luke Stevenson Teacher: Soraya Brooks

Art and Poetry (High School) 1st Place: Elizabeth Burdge ’17 Teacher: Jennifer Cross

Fashion Illustration (High School) 1st Place: Untitled, Eric Wu ’16 Teacher: Jennifer Cross

3rd Place: Untitled, Iris Gu ’16 Teacher: Jennifer Cross

Painting (High School) 3rd Place: Untitled, Nissu Wang ’16 Teacher: Jennifer Cross

Painting—Collaborative 1st Place: Sketches of LongHouse Blair Choi ‘17 Eric Wu ’16 Iris Tong ‘16 Nissu Wang ‘16 Jenny Chen ‘18 Yuting Ding ‘17 Odile Li ‘17 Emily Lin ‘17 John Liou ‘17 Andy Long ‘18 Amber Qian ‘16 Misuzu Shibano ‘16 Isabel Timerman ‘16 Big Kitty (Jingyi) Xue ‘16 Teacher: Jennifer Cross

Performance Arts (High School) Interpretive Dance and Original Choreography 1st Place: Function of the Senses, Emma Engel ’16 Teacher: Sheryl Hastalis

2nd Place: Matter-Avoid, Talia Friedman ’18 Teacher: Sheryl Hastalis

 Sculpture (High School) 3rd Place: Untitled, Misuzu Shibano ’16 Teacher: Jennifer Cross

Congratulations to all winners!