Ross Ninth Graders Present Research Projects at LI Math Fair

Math1 Ross ninth graders Victoria Hu and Jenny Chen were awarded bronze medals for their mathematics research projects at the Long Island Math Fair on April 24 at Hofstra University. Victoria focused on symbolic logic and the use of truth tables to determine the validity of an argument, and Jenny explained the importance of probability using a visual representation of the “Monty Hall” brain teaser, which explores a contestant’s likelihood of winning a prize on a game show.

Jenny and Victoria conducted the research in the context of the ninth grade’s mathematics enrichment project. Their mentors, including Dean of Mathematics Heather D’Agostino and Mathematics teacher Jessica Pollina, selected several standout projects and submitted them to the LI Math Fair Committee for review. Based on their work, the students were selected to present before official judges at the event.

The ninth graders competed against hundreds of students from across Long Island. Mathematics teacher Jennifer Biscardi, a judge for tenth grade research projects at the fair, said the overall quality of the work made for a very competitive atmosphere. Heather agreed, noting, “Jenny and Victoria were the only high school students from the East End of Long Island who shared their research, and we are so proud of their significant achievements.”

Congratulations, Jenny and Victoria!