Sixth Grade Looks to the Future with Visit to Upper School

Grade61 On February 10, Ross sixth graders visited the Upper School in East Hampton to take in the campus and classroom experience in preparation for next school year. For students who are not familiar with the Upper School, the annual trip inspires excitement for the myriad opportunities that will be available to them as they move up to the seventh grade, and calms any anxieties they might have.


The day began in mathematics class, where current seventh graders are studying angles. It was the first opportunity for the two classes to team up, and the junior classmates were eager to forge a new connection. Next, they were off to Carol Crane’s cultural history class, where they participated in studies of Etruscan art and completed a related assignment. Carol said it was wonderful to see the students already making connections to their cultural history studies in sixth grade.

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At the change of periods, Community Projects Director Chris Engel (Mr. Chris) arrived to take the visitors on a tour of the campus. Their first stop was the Innovation Lab. In response to the students’ enthusiasm at being able to work with a 3D printer next year, Dr. David Morgan explained the process and shared a bit about other Innovation Lab experiences available, including robotics and design.


The students then moved on to the Center for Well-Being (CWB), where Mr. Chris explained that the artworks placed around campus were replicas of famous pieces and directly related to the Ross curriculum. Stopping in front of the Greek statue Kouros, he encouraged the students to observe the features of the statue and describe the meaning of “archaic.”


In the Café, the happy buzz was testament to the students’ anticipation of moving up to the “big leagues.” As expected, the Café was a big hit, as it was a departure from their usual daily routine, and they were definitely impressed by the expanded variety available on the menu.

After lunch, the students stopped to sketch Discobolus in the CWB main lobby. As they worked, they had the added fun of hearing the Upper School jazz band rehearse for their winter concert. The students’ chatter mingled with the catchy tunes, making a warm memory for the group.


Their final stop was the Senior Building, where the visitors were fascinated by the Senior Projects, especially Brenna Leaver’s interactive sculpture X Cubed.

The class was thrilled to have had a chance to scope out their future educational home. “Moving to the Upper School is a big step, and this visit is key to helping the students visualize their next school year and the wonderful opportunities ahead,” said sixth grade teacher Deborah Minutello-Bartlett.