Senior Projects Showcase Amazing Talent of Ross Students

SP3 Just before the East End was hit with a dose of extreme winter weather, Ross School seniors treated the Ross community to a storm of talent. This year’s Senior Project Exhibition and sharing nights showcased the culmination of the class of 2015’s studies at Ross—and the products are incredible.


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The excitement started on January 20 at the Film and Performance night in the Senior Building Lecture Hall. Senior Nikki Fung kicked things off with a fashion show with models showing her “Folklore-Inspired Fashion.” The audience was then dazzled by a musical performance by Caio Garcia, who played his original songs, one of them on the acoustic guitar that he built as his Senior Project. Original films covering sports and intense subject matter, including dyslexia and mortality, also had viewers riveted.

On the following night, students who chose writing as the form of expression for their Senior Projects read aloud from their works. The topics ranged from alcoholism to the Holocaust to moving personal poetry.

Finally, on January 22, hundreds of students, families, and members of the community gathered for the Senior Project Exhibition in the Senior Building and Ross Gallery. Throughout the halls, the buzz of excitement, congratulations, and expressions of awe at the students’ accomplishments could be heard.

In the library, visitors browsed the projects or relaxed on the impressive couch designed by Julia Edelman, which featured a mix of classic and contemporary styles with antique accents.


Artwork, including photographs of dogs, prints of tree stumps, and personal drawings and paintings, adorned the walls. Viewers were also fascinated by science projects, including Liam Cummings’s “Autonomous Water Chemistry Monitoring Drone” and Harrison Rowen’s “Hydrogen Fuel Cell.” Delightful smells from the kitchen also attracted many who sampled dumplings made by Maria Makhmudova, who used her project to explore the art of dumpling making in various cultures.

Over in the Ross Gallery, the creative displays continued with paintings, sculptures, and unique creations, including Eddie Chan’s “Human Bioart,” which focused on transforming human biology research into paintings and artworks.


“Overall, the students did a tremendous job. The range of talents and expertise exhibited in the projects is a true testament to their hard work and development during their years at Ross,” said Dale Scott, Senior Project coordinator.

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