Seniors Showcase Their Culminating Projects

Layout 1 It’s an exciting time at Ross. The seniors have been hard at work on their Senior Projects, and next week they will share them at three events: Film and Performance Night January 20, Reading Night January 21, and the Senior Project Exhibition January 22. Senior Projects, a rite of passage for Ross students as well as in-depth performances of understanding that enlighten the entire community, are an opportunity for each senior to conceive and create a product that embodies his or her passions.

Many students at Ross begin thinking about their Senior Project when they first enter high school. The process begins in earnest at the end of the eleventh grade, when students develop their project proposals and present them to faculty advisors for approval. Once the topic is established, students choose a mentor with the appropriate expertise. Work on the projects typically starts in the summer and continues through fall. To help students stay on track, they check in regularly with faculty and mentors to discuss their progress.

Students have a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing a subject, resulting in a diverse and creative collection of work. Topics for this year’s projects include scientific pursuits, photography, coding, painting, architecture and engineering, film, mathematics, literature, printmaking, music composition, marine biology, and fashion design.

The main exhibition, which is open to the public, will be held on Thursday, January 22, from 5–8pm in the Senior Building and the Ross Gallery. Among the products on display will be a musical instrument, a boat, artwork and graphic journals about travel and culture. Ross will also hold Film and Performance Night on Tuesday, January 20, at 7pm in the Senior Building Lecture Hall, as well as Readings Night on Wednesday, January 21, at 7pm in the high school library.

“The Senior Project showcases are always special events with a unique energy,” said Senior Project Coordinator Dale Scott. “Senior Project is the culmination of the students’ studies, and it is wonderful to see how the seniors have developed their passions and talents during their journey at Ross.”