Lower School Kicks Off 2015 with Creative Expressions of Core Values

Creative 2 On January 9, Ross Lower School students provided delightful expressions of the Ross Core Values through creative performances and artwork. Classes were divided into mixed groups and provided with a box that was labeled with a value and filled with random materials such as newspapers, tape, and wrapping paper. They were tasked with using the supplies to create projects representing the value identified on the box.


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To set the tone for the creative activities, students first watched a program showcasing inventions by grammar school children including snow shovel shoes and a fan-powered skateboard. They also viewed a TED conference presentation about famous inventors and discoveries that changed the world.

Students with the Mindfulness box developed a play about sailors who are shipwrecked and must work together to survive and thrive on an island. Students made hats and props, with one student fashioning a fan and offering to share it with her friends to make sure they could keep cool so “they wouldn’t die.”


To express Cooperation, the next group made a robot chain, with each student forming part of the whole.

For Responsibility, the students filled their box with props representing an item that they had to be responsible for, such as iPods and watches.

Another creative project expressed Courage through the students writing inspiring sayings on the box to “have Courage available whenever they needed to be brave.”

For Integrity, students acted out two entertaining scenarios with a “devil” and an “angel” influencing a student to steal or leave a laptop and help up or abandon a friend in need after a fall.


The story of The Three Little Pigs was used to demonstrate being Respectful. The students changed the ending and the pigs and wolves wound up having a party together.

For Gratitude, a group created a video with music and subtitles showing a girl on her birthday throwing a tantrum over a present she didn’t like. In a second scenario, she was humble and appreciative of her gift.

A last group was tasked with using their materials to represent the Ross School. These students created an intricate model of the Lower School, complete with a Core Values path between the buildings.

“It was really amazing to watch the students work together to create incredible projects. Each was delightful and expressed an impressive level of sophistication,” said Head of Lower School Jeanette Tyndall.