Ross Mentors Discuss Egyptian Pyramids and Spiral Curriculum

Earlier this month, Ross School and Ross Institute were pleased to welcome Founding Mentor Dr. William Irwin Thompson and Mentor Dr. Bruce Stewart on two separate visits with the community.

Dr. Thompson met with students at both the Upper and Lower Schools to participate in discussions about their current studies, including the fourth grade’s investigations of the Paleolithic era and shamanism. He also gave a talk about the Spiral Curriculum to new faculty and staff, and met with members of the staff and leadership team.

Dr. Stewart, a guest scientist at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, lectured on the pyramids at Giza, addressing how the structure, arrangement, and features of the pyramids reflect early Egyptian beliefs. He also met with Ross teachers to continue discussions about how to integrate mathematics and science curricula with cultural history in projects ranging from astronomy and the Egyptian pyramids, to the tesseract and cubism.