Middlebury College “Mamajamas” Entertain at Ross School

MJ2 On Tuesday, October 14, the Middlebury College Mamajamas from Middlebury, VT, visited both the Lower and Upper Schools. The performances were amazing and inspiring to students, faculty, and staff. These undergraduate singers are an entirely student-run musical ensemble, creating their own vocal arrangements, rehearsing together, and even arranging their own performance tours.

The college ensemble has been famous for 20 years for their a cappella renditions of classical and modern songs. As members graduate, other talented singers “fill their melodious shoes.”


At the Lower School, the Mamajamas held a question-and-answer session after their performance, and the children were in awe as they listened to the college students share their current courses of study.

“Having this group at our school inspired the children to continue to find their passions. It was terrific to have them share with the students that not only are they gifted musicians and singers, but they also are studying to become experts in the fields of archaeology, mathematics, and the arts,” said Chris Engel, director of Community Programs at Ross.

At the Upper School, the Mamajamas conducted vocal workshops to share their insights into how they make their beautiful and unique music. Their visit concluded with a performance at a Community Meeting in the Great Hall, where they delighted all attendees with versions of songs of old and new, including John Legend’s “All of Me,” the Grateful Dead’s “Uncle John’s Band” and Katy Perry’s “Roar.”