Third Grade Studies Narrative Art at Parrish Museum

Parrish 2 On October 8, Ross third graders visited the Parrish Museum in Water Mill to view ecologically inspired artworks in the main lobby and paintings by William Glackens. A museum guide offered background on the artists and works, and the result was a learning experience for the students that introduced them to historical information about the artists and time periods and the definition of narrative art.

Parrish 1

Upon arrival, students gathered in the lobby to view Arctic Circle, Latitude New York City, and Equator a huge marble installation by artist Maya Lin that depicts the topography of the places of study. Students discussed the meaning of latitude and longitude as well as possible techniques for working with marble.

Parrish 3

In the gallery, students viewed specific works from Glackens including paintings of scenes set in New York’s Central Park, the beach and Long Island’s Bellport Harbor. Their tour focused on the narrative features in the park and beach scenes with a particular emphasis on representations of nature, the four seasons, and the passage of time. Students were encouraged to tell the story the paintings inspired for them, and observed characteristics that would help indicate the time period of the scene.

Parrish 4

Third graders wrapped up their time at the museum with a workshop where they worked with colored pencils and watercolor paint to create a related sequence of images such as the changing leaves of tree.

“It was a pleasure to see how quickly the students related the new information and experiences to their own lives and studies,” said Soraya Brooks, Visual Arts teacher at the Lower School.