Self-Portraits Reflect Hopes for the School Year, Ross Core Values As one of the first projects of the year, Ross students in Early Childhood through grade 6 thought about what they hoped to achieve as artists this year and which Ross Core Value would help them reach their goal. They then illustrated these hopes and dreams with self-portraits.

Students noted their aspirations below their portraits; their goals included such items as learning how to make a quilt, draw animals, design a pottery bowl, or create a 3D image. “It’s a beautiful way to start off the school year, and understanding each student’s artistic interest is important to helping them achieve their goals,” said Soraya Brooks, Visual Arts teacher at Ross Lower School.

This is the second year students created self-portraits, and Soraya said they plan to make it an annual event. “It brings the entire community together, and also helps foster new connections among classmates, teachers, and Buddies.” The Buddies program pairs older students with younger students for activities such as reading aloud together and art projects.

The self-portraits are on display in the Lower School main lobby and art studio.