Lower School Celebrates International Dot Day with Sustainability Commitments

Dot Day 4 On Friday, September 12, Lower School students, teachers, and staff commemorated International Dot Day, a global celebration of creativity, courage, and collaboration named for an inspiring Peter H. Reynolds storybook. The Dot is the story of a caring teacher who dares a doubting student to trust in her own abilities by being brave enough to “make her mark.”

Dot Day1To combine Dot Day with Ross School’s yearlong Sustainability theme, students paired up with their buddies and created dots with their name and a declaration of their commitment to take action to sustain our planet’s health and resources.

Dot Day 3

Teachers also got in on the fun. Visual Arts teacher Soraya Brooks created a dot with her pledge to work hard to recycle the unused paper in the art room this year.

The students gathered during their morning Buddies period to cut out their dots, sign their names, and make their declarations. The many different colors and sizes make a colorful statement about the importance of sustainability.

Dot Day 2

“Creating the dots was an ideal activity for the buddies, because the older students were able to share information about the meaning and importance of sustainability,” said second grade teacher Shannon Timoney. In Ross Lower School’s Buddies program, older students pair with younger students and meet regularly for activities such as reading aloud together, classroom visits, art projects, and service initiatives.

Dot Day6

A third grader and her buddy in pre-K said it was great to be part of the event and a reminder that when we all work together, we can make a big difference in our world. Their dots remind others to pick up their trash and be mindful of protecting endangered wildlife.

Students and teachers shared their creations with Soraya, who hung the dots in the Multi-Purpose Room for everyone to enjoy.

Dot Day 5

“This was a wonderful, fun, experience for the whole school, and an opportunity to continue the important discussion about sustainability, and how we can all take action to “make our mark,” said Jeanette Tyndall, head of Lower School.