Watch: Ross Institute Summer Academy 2014 Lectures on Sustainability

Ross mentors, faculty and renowned experts are gathered at the School in East Hampton this week for the Ross Institute Summer Academy conference, “Human Species Impact and Our Planet: Educating Children for Action.” Attendees are engaged in critical dialogues with the goal of improving the Ross School curriculum, education, and experience for students. The lectures discuss the evolution of the universe, man, systems, society and consciousness; and how human behaviors and “chaos theory” are manipulating our global resources and realities.*

Watch the Experts at Ross Institute Summer Academy 2014

Courtney Sale Ross is the Founder of Ross School and Ross Institute.

William Irwin Thompson, PhD, is a Ross School Founding Mentor and designer of the evolution of consciousness curriculum for the School. An author and poet, Thompson also founded the Lindisfarne Association.

Yves Coppens, PhD, is a field anthropologist and professor of paleoanthropology at the Collège de France. He is the author or co-author of more than 1,000 scientific papers and books.

Kieran P. McNulty, PhD, is a professor of anthropology at University of Minnesota whose principal professional interests are in the evolution of apes and humans. He conceived of and directs the REACHE project, a collaborative research network that coordinates field expeditions at all of the early Miocene fossil ape sites in East Africa.

Pierre Léna, PhD, is a pioneer in the field of infrared astronomy. He is currently president of Fondation La main à la pâte.

Ralph Abraham, PhD, is a Ross School Founding Mentor, founder of the Visual Math Institute at UC Santa Cruz, and expert on chaos theory and its applications.

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