Summer Term: Media Studies, Innovation Lab Builds Technical Skills

DSC_6783 In the Media Studies class, taught by Ross School’s dean of the same department Alexis Martino, students are currently working with their photographs taken during a recent trip to the beach. A wealth of artistic talent is captured in their pictures of classmates in black and white and action shots in vivid color. They are currently editing and printing display-quality photographs.


Elsewhere on campus, Innovation Lab @Ross students are continuing to add complexity to their inventions. One student’s temperature measurement systems are ready for field tests. The technology is Bluetooth compatible and includes a programmable sensor that will collect data on air and water temperature over a 24-hour period. Likely spots on campus for deployment include the Koi pond in the Center for Well-Being and soccer fields.


His classmate has also made progress with a camera-mounted robot. The device is now mobile in all directions, with the ability to rotate the camera 360 degrees for difficult shots, and includes ultrasound sensors as “eyes.” The student is currently experimenting with Leap technology and expects to be able to control the robot with hands motions.