Summer Term: Students Discover Talents, Develop Confidence

DSC_6028 The Summer Term @Ross environment and programs are designed to encourage learning and help students discover and develop talents. From the classroom, to the boarding homes, to extracurricular activities, students are thriving and making significant advancements in their courses.


Innovation Lab @Ross students continue to work with 3D printers. One student is enhancing a robotic hand with equipment that will facilitate movement; another printed the building blocks for a robotic vehicle, assembled it, and mounted a camera controlled by his phone on it. Their classmate, perhaps a future oceanographer, is building a prototype to measure and log sensitive environmental variables such as air temperature and pH in local ponds. Next week, the students will work with a small, unpiloted aerial vehicle.


In the College Prep class, students are sharpening their skills in hopes of achieving the best score possible on college entrance exams and gaining a competitive edge in the college application process. In the first week of the term, students took proctored SAT and ACT exams to assess their strengths and determine which option they were likely to score the best on. They are learning valuable test-taking techniques and hundreds of new vocabulary words. Each Friday, students take a practice exam to measure their progress throughout the course. Their scores continue to go up, and with them, their confidence in their ability to ace their official exams.


Off hours, and in between classes, the students continue to learn, thrive, and grow through new experiences, whether teaching a new friend their native language, taking in a museum, or exploring the beauty of Long Island’s coastlines.


This weekend, boarding students will attend a New York Yankees game and the Broadway play Newsies, with lunch and dinner at the Hard Rock Café and Old Country Buffet in Times Square.