Summer Term: Math Teachers—Years of Academic and Life Expertise

DSC_5997 Summer Term @Ross math teachers bring exceptional experience to the classroom at all academic levels, as well as diverse life skills and knowledge. Class sizes are small by design to provide students with specialized instruction to help them succeed, and real-life problem solving is emphasized.


Advanced Algebra Teacher Betty Rossano’s students are preparing to enter high school in their native country of Germany with an expanded knowledge of algebra (levels 2 and 3). Ms. Rossano taught at Ross School for 13 years, serving as the chair of the Mathematics department. She also brings a wealth of experience as a professor at the collegiate level at New York University and Iona College (New Rochelle, NY) as well as having taught at the prestigious Horace Mann School and Stuyvesant High School.

Throughout her many years working with students, she has most enjoyed helping them discover their abilities, develop their skills, and fostering their confidence through newfound knowledge.


Elementary Algebra (level 1) is taught by Brittany Thompson. Her class is taking a preview of the course in order to excel in and ace their studies during the next school year. She encourages her students to tackle a new subject by first introducing a challenge or experiment; already on their second day of session two, students were busy graphing quadratic equations and familiarizing themselves with related calculator functions.

Originally from nearby Montauk, the furthest point on the East End of Long Island, Ms. Thompson brings an interesting perspective to her classroom.

Before joining Ross, she was a private teacher for a professional surfer, providing schooling in all subjects for grade levels 6–11. Like other faculty members at Ross, she has a passion for sharing her knowledge and expertise with others, and also teaches Pilates and yoga classes.


As the Geometry teacher, Peter Roberts brings a special combination to the job—a love of coaching and teaching combined with years in the business world. His students are exploring the concepts and logic of geometry systemically and focused on learning the subject in order to “skip over” it to the next level when they return to high school in September.

Mr. Roberts holds an engineering degree in manufacturing and worked for years at GE Aviation focusing on jet engines. He was next a successful stock trader for 17 years, and “finally” a motivated coach and teacher. Currently, he is also the Ross School track and field coach and a boarding house parent.

Peter says his diverse background can really help his students arrive at the point of their studies. For example, his geometry class is currently working through difficult subject matter in order to arrive at a conclusion. He relates the exercise to an important rule of life and the business world: “If you present an idea for action, often the first response you will get is, ‘Now tell me why.’”