Summer Term: 3D Printers, Shakespeare, and the Beach

DSC_5770 In a busy second week, students were hard at work improving their English language proficiency, solving complex equations, and reading Shakespeare and Greek mythology in preparation for upcoming theatrical portrayals of their studies.

Innovation Lab @Ross students had fun with the 3D printer, progressing from Mr. Potato Head to create game pieces in the shape of gothic-style kingdoms (think Game of Thrones) and human fingers, examining a prosthetic hand, and mocking up 3D images of airplanes and buildings.


Algebra students are working through a course introduction in order to master the subject in the next school year. Currently, they are studying linear regression and investigating real-life scenarios. They gathered data on how much waste the United States produces annually, comparing it to our changing population and making predictions using a trend line.


Similarly, the Geometry class recently used calculations for the circumference of Earth and data about soda consumption in the United States to estimate how many 2-liter plastic bottles would be filled in a year, and if placed end-to-end, how many times they could be wrapped around the globe. They also discovered through a discussion of angles that the runways at nearby East Hampton Airport form a perfect equilateral triangle.


In ESOL classes—beginner, intermediate, and advanced—students are expanding their English comprehension and vocabulary, advancing English language skills by connecting personally to Ross’s core values and the community, and preparing for theatrical performances of their studies, including Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


Along the way, the students continue to enjoy elective classes such as dance, voice, photography, filmmaking, and fitness. Life in the boarding homes is a fun, interactive part of their days, with students discussing their classes and discoveries, rehearsing for their plays, or just relaxing with new friends.


This weekend, students will take in an outdoor movie at Guild Hall in East Hampton (Ghostbusters), head to New York City to attend a performance by the Blue Man Group, enjoy a twilight cruise around Manhattan, and of course, catch some rays at the pool and the beach.