Summer Term: 2014 Begins

DSC_5366 The faculty and staff of Summer Term @Ross are thrilled to have more than 100 students from around the globe furthering their education at Ross and participating in our boarding program and community activities.


During a busy first week, students met with teachers and advisors, moved into their boarding homes, and mingled with new friends and classmates. Many completed placement exams to determine specific skills and language proficiencies.


Summer Term @Ross includes the following primary courses and electives:

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) > Beginner level with teachers Ou Wang and Colette Wilson > High Beginner level with teachers Amber Wang and Kristine Hart > Intermediate level with teachers Lance Sun and Annie Nissan > Advanced level with teacher Vincent Barbato

SAT Prep with teacher Lisa Rattray > Vocabulary with teacher Jennifer Lloyd

Mathematics > Algebra with teacher Betty Rosin > Elementary Algebra with Brittany Thomspon > Geometry with teacher Peter Roberts


Innovation Lab @Ross with director Dr. Dave Morgan > Design and Innovation with teacher Creighton Wirick

Wellness > Soccer and Multisport with instructors Scott Rinaldi and Mac Mullins > Yoga with teacher Wendy Wachtel > Weight Training with coach Lorna Tobin

Electives > Media Studies with teacher Alexis Martino > Environment Science with teacher Kimberly Borsack > Filmmaking with instructor Ivan Salcedo > Culinary Arts with teacher Wendy Wachtel > Music with teachers Carlos Lama and Maureen Isbister > Art and Literature with teachers Susan Walker and Giulia Beccarelli


Over the holiday weekend, students, teachers and house parents will celebrate America’s Independence Day with a barbecue at the beach and stunning local fireworks shows.