Lower School Presents Camelot and the Legend of King Arthur

LS_play-14 The Ross Lower School Children’s Community Theatre presented the play Camelot and the Legend of King Arthur to a packed house on June 13 and 15 in the Multi-Purpose Room. Directed by Lower School Performance Arts teacher Margaret Kestler, the production included songs from famed musical Camelot and Disney’s movie Sword in the Stone. The show garnered praise from the audience for the “superb” acting and dancing, moving music, and for giving beautiful new life to an oft-told tale of favorite tragic characters.

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From the first scene, set in a battlefield encampment outside Lancelot’s castle, to the last, set outside Joyous Card, the crowd was drawn to the magic and wonder of the adventures of Arthur, Guenevere, and Lancelot. It was a powerful and touching experience for everyone involved.


Margaret Kestler offered the following words about the story and the sentiment the students’ performance evoked: “Our road to Camelot has been much like the legend itself—mysterious, full of complexities, symbols, and ideas, meandering pathways that lead yet to others, enshrouded in a mist and fraught with challenges. And yet, there is that whisper of hope that our vision and efforts have not been in vain, that somehow the dream and path we set off upon together will be realized ‘for one brief, shining moment’ and will live on in the hearts and memories of the young."