Eighth Grade Finds Adventure and Teamwork at Bryn Mawr Mountain

photo 6 On May 13–15, the eighth graders traveled to Bryn Mawr Mountain in Pennsylvania for three days of activities designed to foster leadership, respect, and teamwork. The trip, a tradition at Ross, is somewhat of a rite of passage for students marking the end of their elementary school years and transitioning into high school.

During the day, the students split into groups and got down to business for some healthy competition. From boat races to outdoor obstacle courses to indoor rock climbing, the eighth graders worked as teams to reach their goals. Along the way, they encouraged each other through the tough challenges, such as scaling walls or crawling through tires.

In the evenings, they shared the highs and lows of their day, lessons learned, and jokes and laughter before heading off to bed in their cabins. “The entire experience was great, and we learned new things about each other outside of the classroom,” said eighth grader Tristan Griffin.

Tucked away high in the hills, Bryn Mawr’s location is the ideal setting for adventure, self-discovery, and exploring strengths and abilities—both personally and as a team. The ultimate goal is for the students to continue to reflect on the experience and apply their new skills and awareness at school and in life.

“They challenged themselves physically, reached out to new social groups, competed fiercely with each other, and cheered each other’s success. Overall, it was a valuable growth experience with lots of laughs along the way,” said Mark Tompkins, Cultural History teacher and eighth grade academic team leader.