Second Graders Study Meteorology at LI Science Center

LISC05 Ross School second graders visited the Long Island Science Center in Riverhead on March 31 to further their studies of meteorology. Students explored more than 30 interactive exhibits to gain a better understanding of weather systems.


In recent weeks, the second grade learned about the various elements that help meteorologists predict the weather. Their studies also made connections back to what they learned in first grade about the water cycle and in kindergarten about fire, air, and water and their relationship to temperature, wind, and air pressure.


On this trip, students handled weather instruments, discussed cloud formations, watched a tornado spin, and made an anemometer to take home. There were shrieks of excitement as students took turns in the “Hurricane Simulator.” “The class was able to experience the intricacies of our weather systems with a look behind the scenes at what creates weather patterns, from a springtime shower to a destructive tornado,” said Lower School teacher Shannon Timoney.


The students also explored the center as a whole, taking in insect habitats, a Galapagos Islands photo exhibit, and the Long Island Wireless Historical Society exhibit capturing the East End’s technological history.