Seventh Grade Studies History and Math in New York City

20140321_115631 On March 21, Ross School seventh graders visited museums in Manhattan to further their studies of ancient Rome, dine with their classmates to celebrate their studies of the Silk Road, and explore mathematics in an interactive environment.

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At the Metropolitan Museum of Art, students completed a scavenger hunt for Greek and Roman artifacts with classmates acting as "docents" for individual pieces.

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“We studied pivotal aspects of ancient Roman society, including the art, architecture, and political structure, and the museum exhibits offer an opportunity for students to see this dynamic history firsthand,” said Carol Crane, World Languages and Literature teacher and seventh grade team leader.

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Next, they visited the Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) to interact with exhibits designed to reveal patterns and structures in the world around us and encourage mathematical experiments. Mathematics teacher Jennifer Biscardi said, “When students were greeted by the tour guide at MoMath, they were shocked when she said they could touch anything and were encouraged to touch everything!”

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In preparation for constructing a semi-regular Escher tessellation, the seventh graders collected information on 2D, 3D, and 4D tessellations, fractals, and transformations such as reflections, rotations, translations and dilations. They also took a cryptography lesson that taught them about Caesar shift encryption technique. “It’s a perfect integration with their studies of Rome and Euclidean Geometry,” Jennifer said.

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Between museum explorations, the students enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Oriental Café. “The students had a great time experiencing their studies away from the classroom as well as a little downtime and laughter with their friends,” Carol said.

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