M-Term Week 3: Students Wrap Up and Reflect on Experiences

The 2014 Midwinter Term will end on March 14, and students are wrapping up their studies. Classes will present their experiences at an M-Term sharing night on April 9.


In the South Pacific, students on the Mo’orea trip spent a few nights on Teti’aroa, an atoll that was the former home of the Pomare, or Tahitian royal family. The class continued their exploration and biocube studies and rehearsed the Haka (men’s dance) and Ti’are (women’s dance), which they will perform at a dinner celebration. They’re also reflecting on what they have learned, agreeing they will take home a greater sensitivity to both their own and society’s impact on the environment.


Similarly, students studying Ethnomusicology in Cuba have been moved by their experiences and say the Cuban culture is beautiful in its sentimentality and affection. They, too, prepared a final performance, learning four new drum routines and five dances, including the rumba, son, and conga.


Students on the U.S. Virgin Island of St. John spent their last days of the trip hiking the coastlines and forests to observe petroglyphs left by the Taino Indians, sugar plantation ruins, and wildlife, including the golden orb-weaver spider and Antilles pinktoe tarantula.


In Bocas del Toro on the Panama trip, students toured the Oreba cacao plantation, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, and Isla Colón, and continued to discover colorful marine life.


On the final day of the Belize trip, seventh and eighth graders visited the Smithsonian Marine Research Station to learn about different species of coral and conches, beach erosion, and spawning of several marine animals.


On their last leg of the Ridgeway Trail, students crossed the North Wessex Downs from Avebury to Streatley, the rain-swollen Thames River, and the Chiltern Hills, visiting Wayland’s Smithy and White Horse Hill, site of the Uffington White Horse chalk monument.


Back in New York, classes are completing trips, rehearsing for performances, and perfecting their cuisine. The Making Life a Little Greener students visited Quail Hill Farm, where they met Seedtime author Scott Chaskey, and the Arts and Culture class was featured on German TV discussing the human hamster trail performance "In Orbit". On March 14, the Musical Theater Workshop class will perform a musical review with excerpts from Chess, Frozen, Greece, Pippin and Tommy, and students exploring Long Island will share their M-Term experiences with the Lower School.


Congratulations to all students on the completion of a successful Midwinter Term.

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