First Grade Preps for “Builders’ Challenge” at blockspot

photo 1 On March 5, Ross School first graders visited blockspot in Southampton to prepare for an upcoming “builders’ challenge.” The class is currently studying famous inventors and how these great minds came up with their designs. “An idea starts when you have a problem and need a way to solve it,” said Nicole Magro, Lower School teacher.

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In a few weeks, the first grade will return to blockspot to tackle the challenge of designing a solution to a proposed scenario; this initial trip offered the opportunity to have some fun and become familiar with the tools they will use to complete their task. The students explored using blocks to represent different things they see in their environments or dreamt up on their own, and experienced firsthand how building tools can be an extension of their own bodies.

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blockspot was developed by educators who believe a way to build bigger, better brains and thinking is involving children with natural materials like blocks. “Blocks enrich the images that children keep in their minds, and allow them to show others their knowledge, perspective, and understanding of the world,” Nicole concluded.

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