Pre-K Class Studies Cows at Mecox Bay Dairy

IMG_6059 Ross School Pre-Kindergarten students visited Mecox Bay Dairy on February 19 to continue their studies of the relationship between humans and animals. “The children are learning about the resources animals provide for people, and this trip was an opportunity to specfically observe dairy cows,” said Pre-K teacher Valerie Gatz.

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Mecox Bay Dairy, operated by Art and Stacy Ludlow, produces artisanal cheeses from a small herd of Jersey cows. “Many people have no idea how food gets to their table. Pre-K is a young age to start learning about the process, and the importance of farm animals will likely stick with the children,” Mr. Ludlow said.


A highlight for many students was meeting a baby calf born the morning of their visit. The farmer also showed the class how cows are milked and where the milk is stored. Then they toured the cheese-making rooms and tasted the products produced on the farm.


When the class returned to the Lower School, the students drew pictures showing what they learned about cows and life on a dairy farm.