ESOL Students Visit the Met

IMG_20140207_121115 Ross Upper School ESOL students traveled to Manhattan on February 7 to view the Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibits related to their studies of the Medieval and Renaissance art and culture.


“It was an opportunity for the students to experience firsthand how art was transformed during these time periods,” said World Languages and Literature teacher Kyle Helke.


Prior to the visit, Mathematics teacher Jessica Pollina taught a special lesson on perspective to prepare students to identify the shifts in scale, dimension, and proportion that occurred between the Medieval and Renaissance artistic periods.


During their explorations, students were encouraged to identify the shift in perspective discussed in class as well as record their own observations about changes in theme, light, and color characteristic of Medieval and Renaissance art. Students also noted how Humanism affected artistic themes and subjects during the Renaissance period.


“Students were very engaged, inquisitive, and participatory in the assignment they were tasked with, and came away with a greater understanding of the subjects of their studies,” Kyle said.