Student Artwork Displayed at Parrish Museum and Guild Hall

noname16 The Parrish Museum in Water Mill and Guild Hall in East Hampton are once again celebrating aspiring student artists from the East End, and artwork from Ross Upper and Lower School students will be on display at the both institutions in February and March.


At the Parrish Museum’s 2014 Student Exhibition, Ross high school student works include drawings, paintings, and prints developed in advanced art elective classes with Visual Arts teachers Jennifer Cross and Jon Mulhern and in Art Club sessions with teaching associates Sara Hoegen and Nicole Berberena.


The exhibition also includes independent photos by Ross students; the eighth grade’s Nine Photographs, developed from a Cultural History unit on medieval Baghdad; and the fourth grade’s Calder’s Circus, constructed with brass wire and wood.


Part 1 of the annual Student Art Festival at Guild Hall includes artwork from Lower School students that explores key topics of their studies. (Part 2 will display art from grades 9–12.) “These are truly wonderful works and reflect the passion and dedication to expressing the essence of their studies,” says Soraya Brooks, Lower School art teacher.


Ross kindergarten students painted ink blot insects, animals, and creatures to connect with their yearlong exploration of creation and beginnings.


The first grade art class made foam relief prints based on their studies of patterns in nature.


Third graders, learning about evolution, created clay dinosaurs.


The fifth grade created symmetrical linoleum prints to represent their personal symbols of peace.


Sixth graders created earthenware Olmec heads to connect with their studies of Mesoamerican civilizations.