Mathletes Program Starts at Upper School

Mathletes 6 The Mathletes program kicked off on January 14 at Ross Upper School. Students will meet each week through the end of the school year to work on nonroutine questions that sharpen their problem-solving and logical-thinking skills. 

“The Mathletes program allows students to work in a different context than the classroom,” says Heather D’Agostino, dean of Mathematics. “They can work collaboratively and independently to identify new approaches to problem solving.”

Ross School Mathletes will have opportunities to be involved in monthly math competitions from the Mathematical Association of America and the Math League. Interested students can also prepare for the Long Island Math Fair at Hofstra University this spring, where Heather will serve as a judge.

The Mathletes will meet in the High School Building library every Tuesday from 4–5pm. Arrangements can be made to accommodate students with scheduling conflicts.