Ross School 2014 Senior Project Presentations

SP2014 Ross School will celebrate the achievements of our seniors with the 2014 Senior Project Presentations next week. These projects are the culmination of their journey through the Spiral Curriculum at Ross School. Presentations will take place January 14–17 at Ross Upper School.

The 2014 Senior Projects include investigations into psychology and music, water purification systems, automobile restoration, bone marrow donation, feminism, gaming, natural cosmetics, triathlons, global politics and governments, funding and building a teahouse in Uganda, oral histories, mapping, systems thinking, neurology, and computer programming.

Projects also include creative expressions in fiction and nonfiction writing, architecture and design, painting, sculpture, music composition and performance, traditional Chinese music, lighting design, filmmaking, fashion, and rock operas.

Through the execution of Senior Project, students embody their passions in a process and product that integrates such Ross School principles as multiple intelligences, cultural/historical context, personal reflection, application of technology, and pursuit of excellence.

The main components of the Senior Project are the Process Folio, the Final Product, and the Presentation. The relationship between students and their Senior Project mentors is critical to the evolution and realization of the project. Ross faculty members serve as Senior Project mentors, performing as facilitators, advisors, editors, critics, and advocates. At the conclusion of the Senior Project, students should have a deeper insight into themselves as learners and producers.

Please join us in celebrating our seniors!

2014 Senior Project Schedule Film Night: January 14, 7pm, Senior Building Lecture Hall Readings Night: January 15, 7pm, High School Library Exhibition Night: January 16, 5pm-8pm, Senior Building and Gallery Performance Night: January 17, 7 pm, Court Theater