Ross Lower School's Cinderella Story On December 14 and 15, Ross Children’s Community Theater presented their rendition of Cinderella to a captivated audience of friends and family. The cast of student actors ages 8 to 11 worked hard all fall to prepare the show, learning musical numbers written by Rodgers and Hammerstein, Disney songwriters, and even our own Lower School Theater teacher Margaret Kestler. The students all gave wonderful performances, delivering lines originally written for adults in convincing and engaging ways.


Lily Richter starred as Cinderella, supported by Chelsea Coard as Chesie Mouse, Orchid Coffin as Lulu Mouse, Toby LaPierre as Regina the Rat, and Autumn Coard as Brutus the Cat (as well as Bobbidi Boo). Cinderella’s cruel family was portrayed by Elizabeth Meeks as Stepmother, Caly Stewart as Anastasia, and Lucie Sarrazin as Portia. The royal family was played by Francesca Corsalini as the Queen, Taylor Thomas as the King, and Harry Prager as the Prince. Everett Rose Rattray was featured as the Fairy Godmother, and the cast was rounded out by Maya Teixeira as Joy and Sophia Verde as the Herald and Bibbidi Boo.


The children’s performance was made possible—and greatly enhanced—by the support of their parents, who played their part by supplying fabulous costumes (special thanks to Laura Eisman, Sally Wang, and Loreen Enright) and a beautiful set (special thanks to Ann and Bill Stewart) that included a pumpkin large enough for Cinderella to sit in and made use of the whole room, including the aisles, as actors entered and exited the stage through the audience. Tatiana Teixeira taught the cast choreography that really made the movements of the animals realistic and helped the students learn about stage presence.


The many facets of this performance were coordinated by director Margaret Kestler, who was aided by retired LS music teacher Margaret Bodkin as musical accompanist. Congratulations to the cast and crew of this beautiful, entertaining presentation!