Pre-K Explores the Deep Blue Sea To demonstrate what they learned over the course of their Oceans and Seashores unit, Ross pre-kindergarten students put on a show for the entire Lower School on December 6. The young researchers dressed as their favorite sea creatures, proudly sporting larger-than-life costumes made in art class, and entertained their fellow students by talking about their chosen animals and singing "Three Little Fishies."


The class began the unit a few months ago by visiting Long Beach and collecting specimens from the bay waters. They then set up a discovery tank in their classroom to make their marine friends at home, and transferred the creatures to the tank so that students could observe the fish, shrimp, and plant life during their unit.


The pre-K Oceans and Seashores unit features multiple instances of cross-disciplinary integration, allowing students to access new knowledge through different lenses, a technique that enhances their learning and solidifies understanding. The science of marine biology is processed and brought to life by art projects in which the young pupils imagine their life as a fish, shrimp, or octopus. Music and theater practice and performance are informed by what students learn in science. This kind of interdisciplinary learning is one of the hallmarks of a Ross education, and if last week’s performance was any indication, pre-kindergartners are pulling it off “swimmingly.”