The Building Blocks of Learning

photo_1 Castles, boats, dinosaurs, chairs, and whole villages were just a few of the constructions Ross third graders created on December 4 during their trip to Blockspot, located at Southampton Youth Services. Blockspot is a place that celebrates discovery learning by allowing children to use blocks to express their ideas. There has been extensive research done on the importance of play in a child's learning, and it’s been proven that block play, in particular, supports children’s spatial awareness, problem solving, and creativity.

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For their first experience at Blockspot, Ross students were given few to no parameters; they could build whatever they imagined and share with each other what they created. Students could choose to work independently or in groups. As the hour progressed, teachers Meghan Hillen and Chris Warren were able to observe students’ thought processes, learning styles, and strategies as they worked with a plethora of wooden blocks in various shapes and sizes.


The third grade classes are hoping to use Blockspot as a curriculum resource that they will visit multiple times, integrating block play into their classroom studies.