Math Plus Art Equals Inspiration

10812143096_f8738b7a70_o Ross School students in grades 5 and 6 visited the “Artists Choose Artists” exhibit at the Parrish Art Museum in Southampton on November 20. The art exhibit was especially interesting to Ross students because it features a video installation by Christine Sciulli, whose son is in sixth grade at Ross. Christine’s piece, “Engulf,” is a site-specific installation; visitors can step inside a large plywood box in the middle of the room and view a two-channel HD video of circles projected onto a nylon mesh. Christine was on hand to discuss her art-making process and how she incorporates math into that process.


Prior to their visit, students had created “soft sculptures” in a style similar to Christine’s, using a computer to project geometric images onto fabric and paper. They then compared and contrasted these organic shapes and geometric forms in two dimensions and three dimensions. Emulating Christine’s work, speaking with her about her art, and experiencing her work firsthand helped students to gain a greater understanding of the intersection between art and mathematics.