One Doll = A Better Life for a Child

Thanks to guest bloggers from the Ross Lower School Student Government: President Ellie Damiecki, VP Ella Griffiths, Treasurer India Galesi-Grant, and Secretary Josie Smith.

Ross Lower School is looking forward to a visit from the Zimkids organization on November 21. Zimkids is a program focused on helping orphans in Zimbabwe. Dennis Gaboury, the founder of this program, and Elder Tinashe Basa will be coming to our school to talk about the orphans and the orphanage. The children there make handmade dolls from natural resources found in Zimbabwe. These dolls will be sold at Ross Lower School during our Thanksgiving Feast. The sale of the dolls helps the children at the orphanage with many essential items. 

The Zimkids organization has visited Ross for many years, and we have both benefited from their visits. We are able to purchase handmade dolls, while they get much-needed donations. One thing they have been able to do is to build a new center where the orphans can go to school and get the care they need. For some orphans, this includes more food, a better education, or clothing. Making a product to sell also helps the children see that a brighter future is possible through hard work and determination.

We hope you can support the children of the Zimkids Orphan Trust, and help them to have a better life.

If you would like to donate or purchase a doll, please contact Ross Lower School by November 21, 2013. Note: Each doll costs $30, and cash donations will be matched by Microsoft, doubling the contributions to the organization. Checks and credit cards will be accepted, although those donations will not qualify for the matching grant.

Thank you for your kindness.