Moving on up in Movember

Fourteen faculty, staff, interns, and students have developed a “hair”-brained scheme to fight testicular and prostate cancer and change the face of men’s health on Ross campus and beyond by challenging social conventions about hair. 

Matt Karis, Matt Crane, Nick MacLeod, Jon Mulhern, Jared Levy, Kara Walker, Dylan Gould, Urban Reininger, Adam Bendon, Howard Brown, Caitlin Cummings, Wesley Howard, Noah Grabeel, and TJ Mackey have teamed up with the Australian-based “Movember” project, and for the month of November, these brave men are sporting some fancy mustaches (and the tenacious women are standing tall on hairy legs).

Director of Residence Life TJ Mackey got everything “growing.” “I have been doing Movember for four years,” he says. “I started on a team with my barber shop in Seattle, and it is exciting to bring the tradition to the great group of folks at Ross.” Students and passersby have taken notice, and the participants are happy to explain each of their deeply rooted reasons for being a part of the Courageous Cosmos team.

Aside from raising awareness (and some eyebrows), the group is also trying to raise funds to support research and programs that help those afflicted with testicular or prostate cancer. Click on Courageous Cosmos to access their team page and “fur”-ther their cause.