The Patterns of Nature and Art

Equipped with iPads, Ross first graders took to the grounds of LongHouse Reserve on November 11 to identify and photograph patterns in nature. 

LongHouse Reserve is a living art space in East Hampton, anchored around a series of meticulously curated gardens that are peppered with sculptures and installations, embodying LongHouse’s founding idea of the landscape itself as art form.

This trip represented the intersection of the students’ Cultural History curriculum with their Visual Arts investigations into patterns in nature. Teachers Soraya Brooks and Nicole Magro encouraged the students to seek out symmetries, tessellations, spirals, and other patterns within and among the rich environments of the LongHouse gardens. The students will incorporate their images and memories into a sculpture for entry into LongHouse’s annual student art exhibition this spring.

Ross students have long found aesthetic and intellectual inspiration at LongHouse, where artists and landscapists suss out nature's inherent geometries in vibrant, magnified homage. Upper and Lower School students took home top honors in the annual exhibition this past year, and we look forward to more inspired work this spring.