Celebrating the Maya

Maya culture is alive and well at Ross School. 

Anyone lucky enough to stop by the Café last Friday was treated to a taste of Mesoamerican home cooking, as well as a glimpse into the seventh graders' annual Maya Day celebrations.

The festivities got off to an early start Thursday afternoon in the Café kitchen, where 7th graders joined Chef de Cuisine Liz Dobbs in preparing a school's worth of authentic tamales, wrapped, tied, and cooked in corn husks, along with mole, fresh salsas, and other Maya-inspired eats.

While the rest of us enjoyed the fruits of their labor, the 7th graders spent the day hard at work—and at play—with a busy schedule of Mayan math games; presentations on culture, art, and history; and several high-octane rounds of Maya Jeopardy! It was a fitting end to a favorite unit, and next year's eighth graders will know to get to the Café early when Maya Day rolls around again.