Wrapping Up the Sailing Season

In their last regatta of the season, Ross sailors competed again at the Waterfront Center in Oyster Bay on October 26 against 11 other teams from the area. Although the regatta was cancelled early due to high winds and chilly temperatures, the team still managed to place well in 12 races, with 6 races per division. Freshman Wyeth Moyer led as skipper for the A division with two different crew: sophomore Elia Doyle and freshman Greg Gropper. The A division placed ninth overall against some serious competitors, managing to pull through a few wins in the top half. In the B division, sophomore Cole Colby was skipper, also with two different crew: freshman Isabelle Rowe and East Hampton High sophomore Jason Karlin; the team had a strong third place finish overall.

During the entire first season, the Ross sailing team showed up eager to practice and eager to win at each regatta, putting passion, energy, and cooperation into everything they did. Even when the final regatta was cancelled early, they fervently pleaded to keep racing while other teams were already de-rigging.

Overall, it was an incredibly successful season with multiple opportunities for personal and team growth! We look forward to heading out on the water again as soon as the spring season begins.