Junior Innovation Lab Gets Off to a Great Start

With yet another signal that Ross students are embarking on a year filled with fun and learning, Junior Innovation Lab @Ross kicked off on September 26. This year the program expanded its scope to include fourth grade, and a number of new participants proved eager to take part in extended-day academic exploration and innovation.

Lower School science teacher Michelle Passarella is working with Junior Lab students in grades 4–6, and grade 10 science teacher Kim Borsack leads their colleagues in grades 7 and 8. The twice-weekly classes will sometimes meet on their respective campuses, and sometimes combine forces. In addition, there are plans for working with the advanced students in Innovation Lab itself, an academy for grades 9–12 students passionate about science, math, engineering, media, and technology.

Innovation Lab Director Dr. Dave Morgan has set up a more structured schedule for the Junior Lab program this year, with the syllabus covering various topics in science, media arts, mathematics, and related disciplines. During the fall trimester, students will explore what it means to be a scientist as they observe, experiment, and test hypotheses. Subsequent units include tackling sophisticated math concepts, like fractals and infinite series, and 3D design and fabrication using Innovation Lab’s 3D printers and scanners. The winter trimester will address robotics, chess, and independent experimentation and investigation, and the spring trimester will focus on astronomy, digital music, and marine science and the local environment.

Students may choose to attend Junior Lab by trimester, and there is still time to apply. For more information, visit www.ross.org/juniorlab.