First Days of School

Ah, fall... crisper days, leaves starting to turn, the smell of wood smoke, and the tumult of students greeting each other with smiles and whoops of laughter after the separation of an all-too-short summer. The school year started off on September 9, and the past week has been spent getting back into routines, meeting new friends, and becoming reacquainted with old ones. The Lower School saw some changes over the summer, with the addition of the sixth grade to the campus, new faculty in several grades as well as music and Mandarin, and a shuffling of campus classrooms to accommodate the thriving student population.

The Upper School welcomed new students, both local and international, as classes got under way. Laptops were distributed, and lunch tables were once again filled with the chatter of teenagers swapping stories and comparing notes.

Parents are invited to take part in the back-to-school festivities, too. The first Parents Association meeting of the year took place on September 13, and Back-to-School Nights are planned for 6pm, Wednesday, September 25, at the Lower School and 6pm, Thursday, September 26, at the Upper School. Watch the Ross School Announcements and our Facebook page for more information about these events.