Strong Showing at LongHouse Reserve Awards

On the afternoon of June 18, LongHouse Reserve recognized the artistic talents of students across the East End at the LongHouse Student Annual VI, with a number of awards going to Ross Upper School students. LongHouse is an East Hampton art museum and sculpture garden that augments its educational functions by organizing the yearly competition for artwork inspired by visits to the installations. This year saw enthusiastic participation, with Ross’s geometry classes in particular organizing their long-term individual student projects around the competition.

The students were well rewarded for their efforts, and their artwork can be seen all summer at East End branches of Suffolk County National Bank (a sponsor of the competition). Listed below are the honors bestowed upon Ross students.

Fashion Design: Best in Show, Nature Dresses by Geige Silver

Drawing: 1st Place, Untitled by Jason Song Drawing: 2nd Place, Untitled by Olivia Meihofer

Painting: 2nd Place, Manage a Trois by Serena Kim Painting: 3rd Place, Red Garden Re-Invisioned by Nutsa Ugulava

Printmaking: 2nd Place, Modern Circles by Riko Kawahara Printmaking: 3rd Place, Night by Reyes Martinez Printmaking: Honorable Mention (tie), Untitled by Zhixian Li Printmaking: Honorable Mention (tie), Untitled by Shuying Zhao

Art in Mathematics (Middle School): 1st Place, Impossible Tribar by Will Cassou Art in Mathematics (High School): 1st Place, Lepidoptera Layout by Katya Wolosoff Art in Mathematics (High School): 2nd Place, LongHouse: An Isometric Drawing by Maeve Martin Art in Mathematics (High School): 3rd Place, Birds on a Wire by Noah Sutter