Grade 1 Table to Farm Field Trip

As part of their unit on Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle (the three Rs), Ross first graders visited the Upper School Café on June 4 to learn about the School’s sustainable practices with food. They started off by enjoying a healthy lunch made from regional, organic, seasonal, and sustainable ingredients. When they were finished eating, Chef Lisa Smith showed them the compost bins in the Café—which were, apparently, on the stinky side, according to the students. They scraped off leftover foods from their plates into the bins, put their napkins in the paper bin, and poured leftover juice or water into the liquid bin. Lisa spoke to them about the three Rs and showed them different egg cartons—cardboard, plastic, and Styrofoam—explaining which of them can be recycled.

Then, Chef de Cuisine Liz Dobbs brought the first graders down to the Spiral Garden, where herbs and vegetables are growing for use by the Ross community. Eventually, the students hopped back onto their bus and drove to Rogers Farm, where Ross School takes all of its compost. Farmer Paul Rogers showed the students a large pile of compost destined for crop fertilization and gave them a tour of the farm. The tractor and the chickens were a huge hit. Ultimately, the students learned about the cyclical pattern of recycling as they physically traced the journey their leftover food took, from the table to the farm.