A Literary Love at the Lower School

The Lower School community celebrated its love for the written word last week, inviting children’s book authors and an illustrator to inspire students through storytelling and workshops. The week culminated with the annual Book Fair, organized by the Lower School Parents Association, on May 10.

Author Kate Hanscom visited kindergarten, first, and second grades, and read her new children’s book, Literal Lily, about a sweet, little girl who gets easily confused when she takes commonly used sayings “literally.” The students picked up the concept quickly—for example, when Lily’s dad told Lily and her mom to “shop ’til you drop,” the first graders groaned, “Oh no!” and then giggled, knowing Lily would literally do just that. After the reading, Kate gave the students a short exercise matching idioms with their actual meanings.

In a nearby building on campus, author Emma Walton Hamilton held poetry workshops for third, fourth, and fifth graders. The students learned the building blocks of writing a poem, from finding the right images to crafting metaphors. “At the end of the day, you want your poem to be a journey,” Emma advised.

The next day, author and illustrator Peter Reynolds met with the second and third graders, and also spoke to the entire Lower School in the Multi-Purpose Room about his projects and creative process. This special week concluded with the always-popular Book Fair in the Lower School Field House. Books for every grade level were stacked on top of tables, and students, with their parents in tow, browsed through them in search of the next new literary adventures to dive into.